I am a 22 year old computer scientist working with IBM Research. I went to college at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) in a small village called Pilani, in India.

My work today is primarily aimed at making deep learning faster (and hence, potentially deeper). As a fallback, I make deep neural networks memory efficient.

Previously, I have done some research in high performance computing at ETH Zurich and Inria.

I enjoy various physical pursuits. While powerlifting gives me my daily adrenaline fix, I do some hiking and skiing when I take a vacation.

My childhood dream was to be a pilot. Occasionally, I fire up my simulator and fly around in my favourite, the Boeing 737-800.

This website has several blog posts; currently most of them are ‘convoluted ramblings’ as a friend puts it. I would, however, also be adding several posts about the domains I work in, why are they exciting, and what particularly am I working on in that regard.