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Form dictates function

4 minute read

This postulate from evolutionary biology has hit me time and again, each time following a “Eureka!” moment in completely unrelated situations. I believe it i...

Making processors fast again

7 minute read

This post should preferrably (but not necessarily) be read in continuation to the previous post titled Fueling high performance in computing.

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Love at first sight

6 minute read

I opened my dry eyes and gazed out of the window. The faint break of dawn was burning my eyes red as I lowered my gaze. The first rays of the day gave shape ...

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Peeking inside the cockpit

3 minute read

Delhi tower: “ifly 496, winds 280 at 10 knots, runway 29, cleared for takeoff, fly runway heading, departure on 128.75.” PF (pilot flying): “I have control”...

Aatma - The beast within

2 minute read

The bhagvad gita firmly states that each one of us has an “Aatma” which gives us the vitality central to life. It builds on this concept to say that all our ...

Zero compulsory attendance at universities

5 minute read

The university in which I studied offers the freedom of zero attendance (as of now). However, there was (and still is, among some) a major debate on the pros...

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